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Designed with an aim to help young minds grow and acquire learning experiences in an innovative and creative manner.


Co Curricular activities play an important role in shaping, transforming and developing the personality of the young child.


To shape the young minds into architects of tomorrow’s technical world. To explore the relation between concrete and abstract.

Welcome to Max Merry School

About us

‘MAX MERRY SCHOOL’ a co-educational school located on the outskirts of Delhi is an esteemed institute which believes that Education is not Preparation of Life but Life Itself. We ensure to transform instinct, desire and passion to the positive energy at an elevated level.

Our Motto is“EDUCATION TO ALL” which aims at nurturing character, building values and ethics. We work to provide opportunities to students for them to explore the skills, the talents, the potential they may have. We empower the students to become great by identifying and blooming their inner talents and strengths.

At Max, CBSE based curriculum is followed incorporating the vision of connecting “RURAL TO URBAN”.

We believe in teaching learning process in a stress-free environment which is to be complete when we know that the new information acquired by our learners has been so well integrated that a child can utilize it and apply it in any new situation.

We teach our students to practice freedom within the means by which they can deal creatively and critically with reality and discover how to participate in the transformation of the world. Our teachers approach their profession with boundless passion, energy and commitment with which they infuse infinite enthusiasm, joy, pleasure and fun into their students.

The overall personality development of a child depends more on the experiences than any amount of theories that may be taught. Learning is life’s greatest adventure; an illustrated excursion into the minds of noble and learned men. To achieve this aim, our school is furnished with well-equipped Science laboratories, Mathematics lab, Computer labs and fully air-conditioned Library with latest gadgets and books in all fields. We give our students immense opportunities to initiate and control their body, mind and heart by actual day to day activities.

We follow Happiness Curriculum which includes meditation, moral values and mental exercises. It helps our students overcome “negative emotions” such as anger, hatred and jealousy a step towards Anger Free Zone we envision our school to be.

We do conduct meditation sessions which assist the students perform better in school and handle academic stress more efficiently.

They become more self-confident and develop a more positive outlook towards life. Meditation has been shown to promote a stronger self-identity and higher optimism.

Maintaining our health and physical fitness is very vital to our well-being, so engaging in activities like sports and games truly helps. They also help to improve the learning performance of children, encouraging school attendance and a desire to succeed academically.


Activity Rooms

Well equipped and spacious rooms encourage the natural talent of the student to be exhibited and hone their flair and skill to create panache.


To explore the vast world of knowledge and develop a curiosity in students to know more through the wonderful books.

Sport Activities

A Healthy Mind Resides In A Healthy Body. Thus Sport Is An Integral Partof Education. Sport Impact Healthy And Agility Of Mind.

Latest Software

Latest technologies are incorporated in the school to facilitate the learning process for students.


A facility extended to the students of the school to ensure a safe and relaxed commute between the school and home Shrinking the horizons.


Co Curricular activities play an important role in shaping, transforming and developing the personality of the young child.

Rotary Club

To encourage humanitarian services in order to build goodwill and spread the message of peace. Excursions and educational trips.

Frequently Asked Questions

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